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Kulliyyah of Education

Kulliyyah of Education is driven by the core values; promoting thinking skills, integrating Islamization of knowledge, cultivating an Islamic culture, and conducting educational research. We believe that it is through education that one can nurture and instill the Islamic values, to develop a well-rounded human being.

We concentrate in providing educational opportunities to all. We strive for equity in education through tailor made courses for academically less able students. Our courses focus on developing educational leaders equipped with both contemporary, Islamic knowledge, and skills.

Our academic staff comprises of lecturers with diverse real-world experience in the teaching profession, who inspires and motivates students to achieve excellence in their academic pursuit. We are geared towards conducting research in various fields of education. Through high-level research and publication we believe we would be recognized in the global world in the near future. Through collaboration and exchange programmes with other universities, we look forward in making this Kulliyyah one of the best teaching and learning institutions across the globe In Sha Allah.


To produce leaders in education with Islamic values, equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills. To conduct research in various fields of education, and to instill critical thinking, creative thinking, and problem solving skills among the graduates.


To internationally excel in higher education, engage in developing quality educational research, and to contribute to the Ummah as a whole.


• To incorporate Islamization of knowledge, to cultivate a strong Islamic culture of learning and teaching
• To promote effective critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills in the lives of learners
• To develop school leaders who coordinate and conduct research activities, to create a research environment.