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The responsibilities of the University are specified below;

  1. Increasing and extending knowledge and skills in general, and specifically Islamic knowledge, research and culture;
  2. Providing knowledge and skills in general, as well as higher education and training needed for the Maldives, in all areas of Islamic education;
  3. Conducting academic research and disseminating this research for the benefit of the Maldivian community as well as the international community;
  4. Conferring the Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees and certificates, and other awards, for the training and educational programmes of the University;
  5. Establishing relations with educational institutions in the Maldives and abroad for mutual benefit;
  6. Developing its existing resources and acquiring further resources to achieve the aims of the University;
  7. Distributing the resources of the University fairly between all the centres of the University to achieve effectiveness;
  8. Developing and furthering Islamic and Maldivian history, traditions and social mores;
  9. Carrying out any activity within the bounds of Islamic Shariah and Maldivian law in order to carry out the responsibilities above.