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Islamic University of Maldives, formerly known as the College of Islamic Studies (Kulliyah Al- Dhirasaathil Islamiyah) became a full-fledged higher education institution on 21st February 2004 (1st Muharram 1425). This change in status was initiated with the intention to widen the scope of Islamic education provided to Maldivian students who were desperately seeking Islamic education within the country without having to travel abroad.

With the change in status, College of Islamic Studies adopted an approach to teaching which focused mainly on integration of research and innovation. The purpose was to promote higher level of thinking informed by research to ensure provision of holistic understanding of Islam considered from varying perspectives and contexts.

With the new developments, College of Islamic Studies continued to offer a number of academic programs with special focus on diploma and degrees in areas such as Quranic Studies, Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Sharia and Law until it was upgraded to the first ever Islamic University of Maldives (IUM) by a presidential decree in 2015 to realize one of the highest priorities of the current government; to promote and to protect the Islamic faith in the Maldives.

IUM is grounded on a dynamic and a prospective vision and a willful and determined mission to fulfill academic training and research along with dissemination of Islamic knowledge with its applicability in the context of the modern and fast changing world.

To ensure the vision and mission of IUM is achieved, and to deliver quality education, the University has been engaged in a diligent process of reform since its inception in January 2015. This includes strengthening the management of faculties, employing new staff to ensure smooth administration and functioning of the University and review and revision of existing courses. Currently, IUM has five faculties, and three centres including newly established Centre for Research and Publication and Centre for Postgraduate Studies. To further broaden its horizons, IUM will be introducing master and doctorate level courses in the near future.

IUM will continue to work fervently towards building a reputation for itself, both nationally and internationally with a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research in Quranic and Islamic Studies, Sharia and Law, Education and many other areas.

Vision of IUM

The vision articulates the long term goal of the Islamic University of Maldives. As such, it provides direction for the ultimate destination for which the University is heading. The vision of Islamic University of Maldives is:

Becoming the Premier University Advancing Beneficial Knowledge

Mission of IUM

The purpose of establishing Islamic University of Maldives is to champion the cause of providing quality education in Islamic disciplines as well as other branches of knowledge. As such, IUM strives to pursue the following mission:

Producing students with balanced personality, excellence in teaching, research and innovation, nurturing Islamic values and Islamisation of human knowledge, lifelong learning, internalization and dissemination of beneficial knowledge.